Friday, December 31, 2010

First Trimester

I have not been posting for a few reasons ( you don't have to read this post long and boring about me being sick)
1. School was getting CRAZY
2. My head was in the toilet for the last 2 months

My first trimester of pregnancy is over, and hopefully it brings me some relief from my all day sickness. Now let me start from the beginning.....

Starting in October during my student teaching I was exhausted and moody every day.( Suli especially noticed that) I just though it was those stinkin seventh graders that were wearing me out. Later that month I just had a feeling to get a pregnancy test....Suli freaked out when he saw it in the cart and told me that those things lie and he would not believe anything it said. I just rolled my eyes and kept going. I was too scared to take the test so I waited for a few days and then I did. And within like thirty seconds the stick confirmed PREGNANT! I yelled  for Suli to come see and he just said whatever I don't believe it. I called the Dr. office and had an appointment the next week Nov. 8th

The next week I sat at the Dr. office forever! they forgot about me and walk ins were coming in and getting out and I still had not been called in. So I walked up to that dang lady there and was like HELLO I AM STILL HERE!! then I got right in did my duty in a cup and it was officially official again PREGNANT. The nurse figured I was about 7 weeks and then called another Dr. to take care of the rest of my pregnancy at Castle Hospital...about an hour away. I had another appointment a week later.

Suli finally believed me after much convincing and went with me to my next Dr. appointment. As we were waiting I saw all these hugely pregnant women and I got a little freaked. Then they called me in and asked me a billion questions. Then they asked if they wanted Suli to come in for the ultra sound and I was oh yeah thats great. So they went and got him and then the Dr. told me to lay down and we got to see our baby for the first time! it was just a little jelly bean but still awesome! Next appointment two weeks later.

After that first appointment is when I started getting sick. Not just morning sickness ALL day sickness. I had to miss school, I couldn't keep anything down, I thought I was going to die! We went to my next appointment and I had lost 10 lbs. The Dr. was freaking out and I had to take all these extra tests just to make sure everything was ok and it was I just told her my mother cursed me. (love ya mom) We got to hear the heart beat this time and the baby actually looked like a baby! Suli thought it was the coolest thing ever. The Dr. gave me some pills to help with my sickness. they helped but I still threw up at least once a day.

Well since I had missed a lot of school my teacher I work with saw that I was so sick and had no energy he talked to my professors and asking them what I could do since I only had about 2 1/2 weeks left to teach. The professors called me in and told me I can try to finish (I knew I couldn't I almost passed out in school  everyday....sorry 7th graders you smell!) or I could extend in January I was thinking oh I only have about 2 weeks left so extending to January wont be bad! but soon as I agreed they told me I would have to extend a month! what the crap how is that fair? I was happy about the decision after because my family was  coming for my graduation and that meant I got to spend the whole time with them instead of just the afternoon. So in the end all that drama worked out for the best.

The week my family came was like a miracle, I wasn't as sick and I had more energy I was thinking wow maybe I am getting over this! soon as they left...I got worse. This week I have lived in the bathroom since Monday. Suli keeps shoving food down me because he said " I don't care about you getting food I care about the baby." cute yes annoying at the time very much so! But today is my first day of my second trimester so pray things get better! I have an appointment next Tuesday and we can't wait to see how much our baby has grown!