Monday, April 25, 2011

30 weeks

Since I officially stink at posting anymore I'll just catch you up on whats been happening in the life of the Kaufusi family.

  • I hit my 30 week mark last week!
  • Suli got fantastic grades from last semester, and has already started a new term (less stressful so we sometimes get to see each other)
  • I still throw up every morning, without fail.
  •  We started going to a birthing class every Tuesday night, lets just say Suli is quite entertaining with his comments on videos in that class. And maybe he closes his eyes and says gross a lot. But at least he is there!
  • Some funny things Suli has said this month: when we were practicing breathing techniques we were doing heee heee whooo and Suli thought it was whoo whoo haaa......then I had to tell him that sometimes that word is not a nice word. We got a pack of Snapple drink at Costco and he was asking me if he could have one of those nipple drinks we got. That boy really makes me laugh.
  • We try to go to the beach every chance we get, because this will be our last summer here in Hawaii! It makes me sad to think but I am glad we are enjoying it as much as we can!