Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Just a Little Black Rain Cloud

It has been raining for a week! My cute little duck umbrella broke last Friday when all this madness began...and I still have not gotten a replacement. So basically I am cooped up in my room wishing I was home so I could wrap up in some blankets and read. Hopefully it stops raining so I can have some beach time before I come home!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Novembers News

Well November has just flown by so fast. So much has been going on with class and other activities. Songfest was on Friday the 14. I was so scared our whole gym was pretty much packed and I was standing in the second row thanks to some girls pushing me back there! I was mad because I practiced to hard on our stomp and I had it perfect and the other girls messed it up! But other than that it was fun and we got some Tongan food after! The next day I had to take the PRAXIS test! I was so stressed and I couldn't sleep at all that night. But now its over and I find out the results in 4 weeks! Mckayl sent me words of wisdom: {you don't learn how to love its just automatic.} thanks Mckyal you really inspired me. Riley being the awesome sister sent me an awesome birthday present see pic Dunder Mifflin hat!!!! yeah we were being really weird in that pic..late night McDonald's runs are so much fun. I am working on 3 papers and that means its the end of the semester and I cant wait for that. I get done with finals and I will have a week to play before I come home to the wonderful cold weather. Next picture is me and Michelle at our ward conference lunch. We were hungry! that week we had tons of activities leading up to ward conference, we did a service project for the Methodist church and we had a ward talent show. My goal before coming home is getting a tan, I am in desperate need of one.

Friday, November 7, 2008

one year older and wiser too

{Me trying to show you I'm 21 it ended up as 12}
{yummy chocolate haupia pie with Reese's pieces on top}
{after I changed out of my cute dress cuz I was so excited apple cider kept coming out of my nose}

{Yay for apple cider and yay for being 21}

{ Thanks Suli and Michelle you totally surprised me}

I just want to say thanks for all the phone calls, texts, blogs, and emails I got today! you guys really made my day! It is my 3rd birthday away from home and it gets kinda lonely on your birthday but my awesome mom sent me the coolest presents, I got a little party in a box. She sent me everything to have my own party {hats, candles, cupcakes, the blow things, and balloons}
I also got a super duper cute dress and shoes! After I opened that Suli called me and said he wanted to see me before he went to class. Well little did I know he was only distracting me from what him and Michelle were planning all week! They decorated my room and gave me candy and a card signed from everyone I know. So when I came back into my room I just screamed! Then Michelle came with the chocolate haupia pie from teds bakery, and that's what we ate for breakfast/lunch. We also popped open a bottle of bubbly hehe {apple cider} we played with all the presents I got and then layed on the floor sick from all the junk we ate. Then I checked my email and saw a I got this one from a teacher here on campus, but I wasn't even in her class. {Sis Frampton} emailed me and said that my mom reads her blog sometimes and she wanted to make me some cupcakes for my birthday and take pics to surprise my mom on her blog! She is the sweetest person ever! When she came I almost started to cry because that was so thoughtful and nice for her to do that for me! So all in all being {21} isn't as bad as I thought it would be! So ttfn I'm off to Cheesecake Factory for another round of Food

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's official!!!

It's official, yes indeed......Kasey Damn is OLD!! This is your mother, and I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to bust on this thing and post a HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH TO YOU!! I hope your day is filled with sunshine and guava juice and acai bowls and a break from D. Chun! We love you so much and miss you and hope you have a GREAT day. xoxo

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FHE fun

For family home evening last night our activity was to run around campus and take pictures at certain places. our group was the biggest and so much fun. we were all laughing and just having fun. My ward out here is so much fun and everyone gets along so well!
{In front of the little theater; serious}
{In front of the medical building}

{with a coconut tree; yes foni we can see up your nose, nice double chin kasey}

{in front of the aloha center; jumping; yes it took a few tries this is the best we could do!}

{in the hallway; pyramid}