Sunday, August 14, 2011

Leila 1 month

I can't believe Leila is one month old! Time is going by so quickly! She has grown out of so many of her cute clothes and is getting chubbier everyday! She loves her dad even though he teases her and tickles her she still just stares at him and smiles. We love you Leila.

looking out the window is her favorite thing to do

right out of the tub, with her piggy hat on

First time going to church, in a dress that was too small

her dad likes to pull her pants up as high as they can go

this is how I found them after my shower

she is not a quiet baby, she is a screamer!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


so my last post was super long and for those who don't want to read it I'll sum it up for you
25 hours of labor+3 hours of pushing= not fun!

anyway here are some pictures of what the Kaufusi family has been up to since we have been home!
Leaving the Hospital 
her poor head!
they love each other

Auntie Raegan before she got pooed on

Big Foot

Leila and Grandpa D

Leila and Auntie Tatu

Saying Goodbye

Hawaiian Girl


First Family Picture

First Bath- She LOVED it!

Love her in Yellow

our attempt at a beach picture

Gma- thats what she wants to be called

Getting fat and happy about it

now thats the face I know and love- she is queen of stink eye



He said She said about labor and delivery

Ok so here is the dealio Suli being the wise man that he is decided that when I went into labor he was going to write everything down that happened so we didnt forget, yeah like I could forget. But thanks to him this post is a quick one for me! Ill post in blue what Suli wrote and in Pink I'll put in what really was going on! (oh and one more thing I'm not editing what Suli wrote so as he always tells me- Remember English is not my language!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kasey Begin of Labor

The day before the beginning of her Labor i couldn’t get much sleep because i was a little nervous about getting ready for Leila to come. I was awake around 3:00am. I don’t know if i was nervous or excited about Kasey. Also today will be the day. But it started up a little tough. We suppose to have an appointment around 6:00am. But when we call they said they are still doing discharge. So, they said to call again around Noon just to make sure the availability. Kasey’s was very upset because she done with this whole prego’s thing. So, Dad suggested to go to the Pali Lookout. But kasey weren’t too happy. So, i decided to go to work for a little bit and wait from there. Today at work nothing went right because i was worried about Kasey. Finally Noon came around and we decided to go. The funny part we suppose to call around Noon to check the availability. But, Kasey the wise one think just to go straight to the Hospital and pretend they told her she will be having her appointment around noon. So, while we were at the hospital they told us that they will have a room for her but we have to come back around 2pm in the afternoon. So we decided to go to Kailua down Town and had lunch. Before it was 2pm we came back to the Hospital. Everything was already ready for kasey. So, they got her dress up and lay in bed. By 3pm they started the Induction with a 3cm dilated. This probably will start the contraction it did but for the longest time what the heck.   Yes I was the smart one going into the hospital and playing dumb- I might have even cried a little so they would find me a dang room! I think that was a brilliant plan hey I was almost 2 weeks overdue give me a break!

3pm : Contraction started w/ 3cm I came in and got hooked up to all the ivs and they started my contractions- they were really intense and only about 1 min apart. I was thinking wow this is going great I'll have this baby in no time! every time they came to check how much progress I made I was still exactly the same!
6:30pm: They broke her water. This way will get the whole process faster. My Dr. came in and told me that breaking my water could be a good thing just to get things going faster so I agreed and they broke my water- that was probably the funniest feeling in the world.
9pm : Contraction getting stronger w/ 4cm, plus my grandpa’s brother Henry that i name after came with her daughter Lisa and visit us. It was the best thing of the night. I was really emotional about it.It was so nice that Suli's aunt came to visit us!
10pm: They took kasey to the Bath tub and while kasey was there the baby heart beat was Low and kasey’s was high they try everything and they came to the conclusion just put the monitor on her head so they can just read the heart rate from there. This was panic moment for Myself, Kasey and Sandi. But it was okay. My whole body was shaking from how strong the contractions were and only a min a part my body had no time to rest. So my nurse made me a bath and when I got in that water it felt so good! my body was able to relax and I could actually breath! But then they lost the baby's heart beat, talk about freaking me out. So they decided to put the monitor directly on her head so that meant no more bath for me!

July 14, 2011 Leila’s Birthday

12am: Contraction got worse so they decided to give her the Epidural coz the pain was intense. When Epidural the babe had bad reaction to it and also kasey so they have to give her a low doses. Kasey also got a Fever.By 11:30 pm I had had enough! I asked for the epidural and they told me that I would have to wait 30 min because the girl next door was just getting hers but I would be next. Those 30 min just seemed to drag by. Suli was so nervous about the needle and everything he started asking a million questions and getting all chatty to the nurse because he did not want to see any of it! When the medicine finally got into me I felt great- I was a firm believer everyone should get an epidural, I couldn't stop talking, everyone was telling me to rest but I couldn't. I had a reaction to the epidural and Leila's heart rate dropped so low and mine was racing so they lowered the dose of the epidural and that seemed to help. After that scary business I got a fever it was 102 and I was dying of heat I thought the heater was on, my mom kept telling me the room was freezing but I did not believe her.
2am: She start having worse contraction so they gave her heavy doses. It was good for her. They also speed up the Induction so her labor can be faster. She fall asleep from there until the next shift. w/ 4cm Suli was asleep at this point- but he did a great job of holding my hand and cheering me on- my lovely mother got help me through my back labor. Leila had turned and her head was pounding against the back part of my pelvis- the epidural did nothing for that pain! The pain was shooting up my back and all I could do was cry- I thought I was screaming but my mom said I really wasn't that loud. After two hours of that they came in and upped the epidural and I felt a little better and was able to get some rest.
3am- She dilated into 6cm. We all still weren’t satisfy with her progress. She also got a little fever and the Nurses has to put her on Antibiotic. My fever came back- the Dr. seems a little nervous about it because when she broke my water she said that if I didn't deliver quick enough after that I could get an infection and it could be passed to the baby.
7am: One of the Nurse name Kate came in and check her again she was dilated into 8cm.Nurse Kate- she is my woman ( I guess I just automatically love people named Kate ;) ) She came in and said, " you will be having this baby on my shift!" she was so nice and made me feel way better, she told me she had seen worse stretch marks than mine ( I really doubt that!) and that she had back labor with all 3 of her kids. I think I was still a little loopy from my epidural and I told her that when I was pushing I didn't want her to be nice and tell me how great I was doing, I wanted her in my face yelling at me to push! ( honesty is the best policy) She laughed and said ok.
10am: 9 1/2cm dilated. they decided to practice push with Kate it took them about a Half an Hour to practice.Kate told me that I was almost to 10 cm! yay and that I could try to push a little now and then rest. So I pushed for 30 min and they said I was doing great but they were going to turn off the light and let me sleep because I was going to need all my energy by the time I got to a 10.
11am - they told her to rest and when she woke up they will start the labor.
1pm- Doctor came and check kasey on her situation. They wanted her to rest as much as she can so she have the energy so put leila. But Kasey with Great Confident ask the Doctor she can do it. I really was not able to sleep- all I could do was close my eyes and breath so after a couple hours of that I felt like I really needed to push!
1pm-4pm: Kasey Started pushing. It was the most painful thing i ever seen in my entire life. My poor wife did it even though she was in different pain medicine. During the delivery i almost pass out because i am not really good with blood. Sandi was crying her eyes out and Kasey was yelling at her to get out because she is not helping at all. Kasey was so strong. She push and push. One part the Doctor grab a Vacuum to help pull leila out. It help a little bit. One time the vacuum slip of her head and the blood was all over Doctor, Nurse, Raegan, Kasey, Myself and the room. It was funny we all laugh at each other. I pushed so hard and every time I did the Dr. would tell me how good I was doing and that she could see her head. I pushed forever and ever and she still was not getting past the pubic bone, so she just kept slipping back. the Dr. told me that she would use the vacuum to pull her past the pubic bone and all I had to do was push. I really didn't want to do it but she was not making any progress so we went for it. The Dr. was pulling my poor baby with all her might. And when it popped off everyone plus the walls and ceiling got sprayed with blood- Raegan was so awesome and didn't even flinch. 2 hours passed and Leila still had not come! My mom was bawling and Suli had to sit in a chair because he was going to pass out. So thank goodness for Raegan she manned up and held my leg as I pushed- she got a front row seat of the miracle of life! 4pm Leila was finally came out of kasey with the help of the Doctor cut a little piece of kasey. She has a little tear and they sow her up after all. Leila wasn’t respond when she came out because she was stuck in the Birth Canal for a little while her head was like a cone. All the nurse help get her going. At the end of the day Leila was okay. She just had a little infection and fever just because she was inside kasey for the longest time. She also got some liquid in her lungs. But everything was great. Finally Leila's head was out! but by this time I really had nothing left to give. I was crying that I couldn't do it anymore and I just gave up. That's when Nurse Kate and Raegan started yelling at me to push and just to think of something to get mad about and push. My mom said my face was turning purple I was pushing so hard. The Dr. tried to get me to touch her head so I could see how close I was but I just yelled NO! haha I thought that that was the nastiest thing she could say to me! Finally I said a little prayer and focused and told myself that this last push would be it and I would be done, so I pushed as hard as I could and she came out- I might have said an O sh word but what happens in delivery stays in delivery. I looked down and saw Leila- she was not crying and was blue I started to freak out. The nurses grabbed her and tried to get her to breath and to find her heart beat. The Dr. was telling me something but all I could do was pound my head on the bed and ask why my baby was not crying. They took her away to the nursery to stabilize her and they told me to rest- ya right how was I supposed to rest when I had not even seen my baby breathing! Kate took my camera and went and took pictures of her for me and kept keeping me updated and made me feel like everything would be ok.
                              This is the pic Kate took for me

After a couple days the awesome nurse Mahina let my family hold her because we thought they were going to leave without even getting to hold her!

July 15, 2011, Friday

This was the Craziest day of the Month of July.

We got up around 5am because i had to go to the Airport and pick up my Dad. He came through hawaii to see Baby Leila and then make his ways to Oakland to his Alumni Meeting. After we got him we went to Kailua down town to get him KFC because that is all that he ask when he came. Today Dave drive us around the whole day. KFC was close so we head straight to the hospital to see Leila. My dad was so happy to see her. I finally got to hold my baby! It was pretty much the greatest thing ever! they told us that she would have to stay in the hospital for probably 10 days because they wanted to make sure she did not have an infection- but they were working on blood tests just to be sure. I was so sad that after all that she had been through that I might have made her sick! The Dr. woke me up at 5:30 in the morning on Saturday to tell me the good news no infection! But they had to get her off oxygen and breathing good for at least 24 hours before we could take her home- So on Monday she would get to come home.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

38 Weeks

Well I really am slacking on this whole blogging world but I am telling ya peeps you're not missing much! Pretty much all my friends here have left for the summer to: get married, move, go to Tahiti, or just go home for the summer. And guess where that leaves me, sitting on my butt watching Law and Order SVU Olivia and Elliot have become my best buds. So I guess that means I should be blogging or doing my portfolio so I can get my teaching licence but that just seems like too much thinking for my brain at the moment. Plus my computer got fried and Suli has not transferred  my hard drive over to this computer yet!

Well as you can see I am HUGE I'll be 38 weeks this week! so only a couple more to go! Some things that are going on in the life of the Kaufusi Fam:

  • My cool sistah Riley is throwing me a skype baby shower, seems kinda funny but also pretty cool of her. this is what she wrote on the invites.(clever girl)
    • Thank goodness for technology
      which allows us to do this electronically
      This might sound strange and a little odd
      But you see, our Kasey is still abroad
      on June 18th at 1 o-clock
      we'll have a SKYPE baby shower thats going to rock!
      When Grandma Sandi goes to help and support
      She will take the gifts with her to the airport
      (please keep this in mind)
  • I taught Relief Society this month...I was sure the stress was going to send me into labor, but it didn't, darn. I had to teach like the most boring lesson ever, you all know it as visiting teaching. 
  • Suli is working 40 hours, and is just now starting to realize we are going to have a baby soon. he calls me all the time to see if I am having contractions. He is worried he wont be home when I do.
  • I organized my first Relief Society activity/enrichment thingy, we made baby blankets for all the girls in the ward who had a baby this year or are going to have a baby guess how many blankets we made...11 our ward sure knows whats up.
  • This is what Suli said to me last night: 
    •  "Kasey, all you do is eat and eat and eat and you're not even fat! "  uhh thanks?
So here is to two more weeks of puking and not being able to breath!

Monday, April 25, 2011

30 weeks

Since I officially stink at posting anymore I'll just catch you up on whats been happening in the life of the Kaufusi family.

  • I hit my 30 week mark last week!
  • Suli got fantastic grades from last semester, and has already started a new term (less stressful so we sometimes get to see each other)
  • I still throw up every morning, without fail.
  •  We started going to a birthing class every Tuesday night, lets just say Suli is quite entertaining with his comments on videos in that class. And maybe he closes his eyes and says gross a lot. But at least he is there!
  • Some funny things Suli has said this month: when we were practicing breathing techniques we were doing heee heee whooo and Suli thought it was whoo whoo haaa......then I had to tell him that sometimes that word is not a nice word. We got a pack of Snapple drink at Costco and he was asking me if he could have one of those nipple drinks we got. That boy really makes me laugh.
  • We try to go to the beach every chance we get, because this will be our last summer here in Hawaii! It makes me sad to think but I am glad we are enjoying it as much as we can!