Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Clear

So I packed our clothes, canned food, bottled water, and a 72 hour kit my friend gave me before she left the island. Then I waited, woke Suli up and waited. Then there it was at 6 am the Warning siren going off all through the island. Packed the car and then waited till about 9 am and then we decided to head to higher ground. People went to the Temple, CAC, Stake Center, and The Hawaiian farm behind the school. That is where we decided to go. We set up our tent and then all our friends somehow all showed up to the same place! so we all got together and talked and napped and played ukulele under the shade of a tree.( oh and dug a latrine because there was no bathrooms!) As 11am drew nearer everyone got a little nervous was it going to happen? were we going to be ok? can we really eat tuna, corn and beans for the next however many days? Then we waited some more and at 1:30 we got the all clear to head home. It is a weird sight to see everyone coming down from the mountains wearing their backpacks and heading to the empty town, but thank goodness we are ok!! Pray for those in Chile!

tsunami warning

About 3 am the elders quarm presidency came knocking at our doors. "There is a Tsunami headed our way, at 6am there will be a warning siren be prepared to evacuate." Hello can you say SCARY!!! I am up pacing my house thinking of things we might need. Suli is asleep in pain and I am not sure he can even evacuate if he needs to! Well pray for us today!

Monday, February 22, 2010

better late than never!

WOW I officially stink at blogging! Well its not that I actually stink at it, its just that I don't have anything new to blog about! Everyone asks whats new and nothing, work, teach, repeat. BUT there are a few things that I have learned being married for 2 months!
1. sharing a double size bed SUCKS, especially when you share it with someone that kicks, steals covers, and head butts in their sleep (I have a fat lip to prove it!)
2. sick husbands are the worst!
3. my hair+bangs+Hawaii's humidity=not so cute ( every year I cut bangs and they are super cute for about 10 min then the humidity sets in and I have stringy sweaty bangs all day)
4. I thought I would have my house all decorated and cute....wrong still nothing up on the walls (thats why there are no pics of my house yet MOTHER)
5. cooking for a Hungry Tongan is a lot of work, especially when they cry because you make them eat green beans!
Well thats all I can think of right now and I have to study for midterms! Happy Tuesday/Wednesday