Tuesday, June 14, 2011

38 Weeks

Well I really am slacking on this whole blogging world but I am telling ya peeps you're not missing much! Pretty much all my friends here have left for the summer to: get married, move, go to Tahiti, or just go home for the summer. And guess where that leaves me, sitting on my butt watching Law and Order SVU Olivia and Elliot have become my best buds. So I guess that means I should be blogging or doing my portfolio so I can get my teaching licence but that just seems like too much thinking for my brain at the moment. Plus my computer got fried and Suli has not transferred  my hard drive over to this computer yet!

Well as you can see I am HUGE I'll be 38 weeks this week! so only a couple more to go! Some things that are going on in the life of the Kaufusi Fam:

  • My cool sistah Riley is throwing me a skype baby shower, seems kinda funny but also pretty cool of her. this is what she wrote on the invites.(clever girl)
    • Thank goodness for technology
      which allows us to do this electronically
      This might sound strange and a little odd
      But you see, our Kasey is still abroad
      on June 18th at 1 o-clock
      we'll have a SKYPE baby shower thats going to rock!
      When Grandma Sandi goes to help and support
      She will take the gifts with her to the airport
      (please keep this in mind)
  • I taught Relief Society this month...I was sure the stress was going to send me into labor, but it didn't, darn. I had to teach like the most boring lesson ever, you all know it as visiting teaching. 
  • Suli is working 40 hours, and is just now starting to realize we are going to have a baby soon. he calls me all the time to see if I am having contractions. He is worried he wont be home when I do.
  • I organized my first Relief Society activity/enrichment thingy, we made baby blankets for all the girls in the ward who had a baby this year or are going to have a baby guess how many blankets we made...11 our ward sure knows whats up.
  • This is what Suli said to me last night: 
    •  "Kasey, all you do is eat and eat and eat and you're not even fat! "  uhh thanks?
So here is to two more weeks of puking and not being able to breath!