Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a day in the life

I am a slacker, everyone knows this so don't be surprised that I only post once or twice a month OK. Well this has been a crazy fun past couple months we had songfest, my birthday, and a special visitor come to PCC.....Can you tell who it is? Elder L Tom Perry!! He came to regional conference and while he was here he came to watch the night show. After the Show he stayed and talked to us and shook everyones hand! He is such a cute funny man who loves to say ALOHA as loud and as often as he can! yeah these pictures aren't very good but you get the point!

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a cake in the face.......thanks Suli This is us after song fest! It was alot of fun this year. the first pic is with some fun cute freshmen girls that we became friends with. Ariel, Hannah, Taylor, And Mindy. Mindy and Hannah play softball, I love those girls!

Me, Kalie, Michelle, Emma, and creepy looking Suli we were bored.

My funny friends Michelle, Emma the giant, and Kalie

After song fest Emma sang in Fiji Club, I sang for Tongan club, Michelle sang for Samoan club, and Kalie sang for Hawaiian club, yeah we are so full of cultural now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love this boy he sure knows how to make me happy when I have had a bad day

  • I love my dress
  • I loved spending the day with Suli on my birthday
  • I love my brown converse I got for my Birthday
  • I love that I am getting married in a month
  • I love Riley for posting a super cute and nice blog about me on my Birthday
  • I love that school is almost over....almost
  • I love my invitations Kate designed
  • I love softball, but I had to quit because of school next semester
  • I love my Professor that told me my life wouldn't end when I quit softball