Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I guess its that time of the month again....

to write a post that is! I notice that I am good for a post about once a month, you know with school and work being pretty much the same ol story everyday! Next week I will be done with my O & P and will have the summer off to prepare for full time student teaching. December please come soon! Can you believe I will be graduating in DECEMBER!!! holy cow these last 4 years have just flown by!

Well some fun things we have been able to do in between our homework and work are
  • Go to Suli's work culture night ( cant see the video on here because it is too big but if you are dying to see it check out my facebook page)
  • Go to Target for FHE!!!
  • Gone surfing (Suli)
  • Finally got around to changing my name, and got a Hawaii drivers license.
  • Hosting super duper fun parties at our house! ( I finally hung up stuff, so hopefully Saturday I can give you the grand tour)