Saturday, February 28, 2009

David Archuleta, Cheesecake, PCC, & Bling

The day after Suli popped the question We took the gang and went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Ana and Princess Parkers Birthdays! We ate a ton and had alot of fun trying to jump and take pics, its alot harder than it looks, and yes me and Michelle are special people!

Isi, Ana, Michelle, me, & Princess Parker

I Blame this on Suli Waiting for the food

One day at work I found out that Troy Polamalu came for a visit back stage, I was so disappointed because everything exciting seems to happen on my day off! But my friend Kalie said she had even better news for me today, that DAVID ARCHULETA was coming! He was so dang cute, he talked to all of us backstage and was so nervous, then he sang us stand by me not very good quality but I bet you guys are still jealous! Then they let us take a few group pictures with him. That was one of the coolest nights ever!

It had been such a long time since I went and walked around PCC I decided to make a day of it. I went right when canoe show started and took some pics of Suli hard at work...I'm not sure he does much but look good. haha the it Started raining but i got to watch the Tongan Village show, that's my favorite. When they get those guys up there drumming and screaming with them! I love PCC you get to see some great people there!

Ok now its the moment everyone has been waiting for some pics of some bling I have recently acquired Drum roll please...Haha I'm so bad but part of it is because I have ugly hands and I didn't want to take a pic of them! So I put it on my toe, on my dresser on my knee and finally on my hand!!!!

EW don't look at my hands!!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009


{CHELS} you are one of my oldest friends! and today is your birthday! You always had the coolest parties! You are such and amazing beautiful person. You are so kind and generous to everyone around you. I am so glad that we became friends. We have had so many great times, going to creeks, riding your moped around town, dressing up all the time, making up dances to do in front of the class, Lake Powell trips, Randy playing pranks on us when I slept over, building awesome forts, going four-wheeling everyday after school(me breaking your arm on accident), catching horney toads,trying to fly off your hill, driving to showlow when we didn't even have a license,playing sports, talking about boys and prank calling them, playing night games, cutting through your field to get to your house, when Clint asked if me and you were sisters ( i was so happy he thought that, you are a babe!). Chelsea I hope you had a great birthday! I am so glad that we have stayed friends for all this time! I cant wait to see you again!