Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12-25-09 Christmas-backwards

So I hate trying to move the pictures around on here because its hard and takes to much time so you get to see our Christmas in reverse.This first picture is at sharks cove the waves were HUGE on the north shore and so we drove up and down a few times just so see the waves it was awesome.This is at the Diamond Head Cemetery, this is where Sulis great grandparents are buried. This was his first time going This great grandpa is the one he is named after.
these are of us bored driving around the island.

Thanks mom for sending us presents! This was my first Christmas away from home and I was having a really hard time, I cried like all year about it. But I made it through and ended up having a good day. Christmas eve I begged Suli to watch a Christmas Story with me he said ok but passed out right at the first so I just watched it alone and we went to bed. Then in the morning we got up and opened our presents. we got some sweet matching LOBO outfits that we wore ALL day long and some stuff for our house it was nice to have something to open in the morning.

So sad we had no tree, just a bowl full of ornaments! Then we went to Sulis parents and ate a huge turkey feast for lunch.

12-19-09 honeymooners

Well I don't have any wedding pictures yet...but hopefully soon. The wedding was great small but perfect. I am so glad my friends Kalie, Emma, and Michelle got to make it! anyways we shall save that for another post! So on Sunday me and Suli decided to drive to Hilo to see some sweet waterfalls and black sand beaches...but soon as we left the weather was NASTY there were flash flood warnings and storm advisory but we wanted to at least make it to the black sand beach so here are some pics we took along the way...yes timed pics and having the camera on the car=magical pictures! this was at the most southern part of Hawaii, and also the USA
the black sand beach

after our drive we came back and went boogie boarding because the waves were so nice. Suli got sick while we were there and slept for 15 hours! I sat in the room and watched locked up haha.
On Tuesday we got to spend time with my family at the beach and eating out for my Grandpas birthday! I am so glad that they got to come I love my family! Then Tuesday night we flew back to Oahu and moved into tva on Wednesday!

12-10-09 m + p

My dear friend Michelle got engaged! AND I totally tricked her, she had no idea I knew it was happening. We went to Turtle Bay and waited in the bushes for them to come and when he popped the question we popped out of the bushes and took a billion pics! YAY it was so fun and I am so excited for them~


Well no one got to hear about my great gift I gave Suli. I thought he was onto me because I got him a longboard, so I decided to be sneaky and get him a distractingpresent. snorkeling gear! so we had everyone out for his favorite German chocolate cake and ice cream. I told Suli to open his present and when he took out the snorkeling gear he said oh thanks! and acted all excited it was so funny then I told him to go put the gear in the trunk so we didn't forget it.....and when he opened the trunk there was the longboard. He just stood at the car shaking his head so happy! and he has been riding the thing ever since!
see the oh so thrilled look about the snorkeling gear?

Friday, December 11, 2009

At Least i Know MY Place In Life!

Mickey D!
holy cow you are 18!! I can't believe you are that old! I remember my 18th birthday like it was yesterday~ Well my dear I am so glad that you are my sista you always kept things fun! Here are a few of my favorite memories with you!
  • your 9 ex husbands
  • doing the naked dance on a grave
  • looking for lice
  • when you would make me and riley pet your toungue like free willy and mom made us do it cuz you would cry
  • kicking the snot out of that one girl
  • laying out our 101 dalmation blanket and making you and Raegan fight on the blanket.
  • you being so fat you couldn't crawl
  • you wearing your plastic high heels and lace table cloth as your hair
  • you saying to a grungy looking man, "LONG HAIRED MAN!"
  • when you got stitches from falling off your bike
  • you wearing your minnie mouse dress like everyday
  • you passing out when you were chasing moms car down the driveway
  • you rolling down our big hilled driveway backwards on our bigwheel
  • that time you decided to climb in the tub in your diaper and fully clothed
  • having sleepovers the night before christmas in your room
  • when you drooled in my lap at church
  • your roller skank outfit
  • all our many dress up days and playing on the black road.

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY! love ya like crazy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I Like About You

Suli! Its your birthday today! I just want to tell you Happy Birthday you old man! I know you would rather be sleeping and me not posting anything about you....but what fun would that be? Anywho here is a list of 25 things I like about YOU

1. you are a friend to everyone

  • but sorry Suli, you cant invite the WHOLE school over to our house!

2. you love your calling

  • ward mission leader woo!!

3. you love your family

4. you love my family

  • even if you think we are weird cuz we do the worm

5. you love working out

  • yes I do see you checking out your muscles in every picture we take!

6. you love dancing

7. Your haircutting skills

  • I never see you because there is always a long line for you to cut every ones hair, at least your keeping the boys looking good!

8. you make me Laugh

  • "Come on kids, hop in the car, lets go to the JACKASS farm!"- this was Suli making fun of my answer for scategories letter J -Farm animal.

9. you were in band!!!

10. we play sports together

  • yes I still remember the time you spiked the ball in my face in front of everyone!

11. You will eat ANYTHING

  • am I lucky or what?!

12. You like to sleep on the floor

  • YES!! I get the WHOLE bed to myself!

13. Your big soft, squishy lips

14. How you always tell people I was the one that CHASED AND KISSED you first!

  • so not even true!

15. You love to read the scriptures

16. You are never late for church

  • you make it up by being late to everything else!

17. You love snowflake

18. your Ukulele playing skills

19. your longboarding skills

20. How you hug me after work, when I smell like smoke and dirt!

21. You give great advice

22. You will drop everything you are doing to help someone else out

23. you love Mexican food as much as I do!

24. You always smell good


25. You told ALL your friends that I am ALWAYS right!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a day in the life

I am a slacker, everyone knows this so don't be surprised that I only post once or twice a month OK. Well this has been a crazy fun past couple months we had songfest, my birthday, and a special visitor come to PCC.....Can you tell who it is? Elder L Tom Perry!! He came to regional conference and while he was here he came to watch the night show. After the Show he stayed and talked to us and shook everyones hand! He is such a cute funny man who loves to say ALOHA as loud and as often as he can! yeah these pictures aren't very good but you get the point!

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a cake in the face.......thanks Suli This is us after song fest! It was alot of fun this year. the first pic is with some fun cute freshmen girls that we became friends with. Ariel, Hannah, Taylor, And Mindy. Mindy and Hannah play softball, I love those girls!

Me, Kalie, Michelle, Emma, and creepy looking Suli we were bored.

My funny friends Michelle, Emma the giant, and Kalie

After song fest Emma sang in Fiji Club, I sang for Tongan club, Michelle sang for Samoan club, and Kalie sang for Hawaiian club, yeah we are so full of cultural now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love this boy he sure knows how to make me happy when I have had a bad day

  • I love my dress
  • I loved spending the day with Suli on my birthday
  • I love my brown converse I got for my Birthday
  • I love that I am getting married in a month
  • I love Riley for posting a super cute and nice blog about me on my Birthday
  • I love that school is almost over....almost
  • I love my invitations Kate designed
  • I love softball, but I had to quit because of school next semester
  • I love my Professor that told me my life wouldn't end when I quit softball

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Smooth move

So life has been crazy and tonight just proved to me how I am so dazed and confused. I took a shower. I get out of the shower.....and realized I only shaved one of my legs, and I don't even care!
I have missed my lovely ladies lately....and I want to wish Kate a happy birthday!

Dear Kate,
Tomorrow is your birthday!!! I left you a long comment on your profile but even the little words I used cannot even express how dear a friend you are to me! I miss you and hope you have a great day! Pinkies up.
ps. this just makes my day whenever I see it...sorry its sideways

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today in class we were talking about miracles...then I got a text from Suli saying we got into TVA!!! Now that's a miracle!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News Minute

-my group got the only 100% out of the two classes my teacher teaches

-less than a month till my birthday

-two more months till I get married!!!

-only a few more practices

-my mom has two surprises for me

-we made Otai yesterday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is how I feel right now!

Between school, practice, work, group projects, song fest practice, homework, class reading, I barely have time to shower and brush my teeth before I move on to the next day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Guess I've Still Got It.

Well no one has known what I have been up to in awhile. School started with a BANG, I have already done a group presentation on the first week of class! School and work are good but keeping me busy. Then on Monday I got a student bulletin email saying there are going to be softball tryouts, and a new coach. That got me thinking about how much I really miss softball and just doing something I love. Then I started thinking about Kate and how she is trying out for choirs so yes, Kate was my inspiration! I was going back and fourth all week about trying out I asked my mom and Suli what they thought and they were just like yeah whatever you want. So I went and got my physical and everything ready just in case I wanted to try out. Today I woke up so nervous and not even sure if I was going to go through with this. I had never been nervous about trying out for ANYTHING, but I am a little rusty in the softball department. Right when tryouts were about to start is when I made my decision, JUST DO IT or you might regret it later! So I went, tried out, and conquered I MADE THE TEAM!...........what have I gotten myself into?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I cant believe you are 20!!

Oh Riley dear I can't believe you are 20 today! you are too little to be that old! I'm too young to be older than that! I missed you today, I wish I was there to take you out and do sister things. I hope I get to see you at my wedding, if not it wont be the same, I hope you had fun camping! I love you and I hope you had a happy birthday!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You're nothing short of my everything

Can you believe it has been {TWO} years since I have dated this wonderful man! I just wanted to say I love you and cant wait to spend forever with you!

{ & NOW}

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away

My superfly friend {Kate} did such a good job on my engagement pictures. We had so much fun taking them and were lucky we didn't get poured on! And even though Suli said he didn't enjoy himself....just look at the pics, he is LOVING it! So here is a little sneak peek of the pics...if you want to see more they are on facebook~love ya Kate