Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday x2

I just want to tell my friends Kate {20} and Kendra {21}Happy Birthday!

Kate-I am so glad to call you my friend. You are so talented in everything you do im jealous! I wish I was there to give you a bosom hug!

Kendra-You are a crazy woman I miss you everytime I see someone climbing up something or doing flips, I always think how you could do much better. You are such a cute mom!

Do you guys remember in 7th grade when we were walking at lunch, and Mr. Platt came and told kate she was growing? I hope you guys have great birthdays!

Monday, October 27, 2008

To start off my weekend was rainy and cold. Friday night the Tongans wanted to go fishing so we left the school around 10 pm. The way they fish is so scary! they get this huge net and go out into the ocean with it and spread it out and scare the fish into the net! It was dark rainy and creepy to see them all out in the water, I was positive someone was going to die. So me and Michelle just kicked it on the beach. After they went out a couple times they had about 10 big fish, so we left and went and cooked it, we didn't get home till 6 am! The next day was really rainy so we just caught up on sleep. Sunday our friend had their baby blessing so we went to it and then hung out all day at their house eating and holding the baby, I finally got a nice steak here! I was looking at dresses online and I really like the one I found at old navy! OK now for the story of the week. this morning about 7 am I got up to wake Michelle up like I do everyday. except I heard this buzzing noise by my head...Well my bed is right under the window and good thing the curtain was down cuz all I saw was the biggest shadow of a bee I have ever seen. I jumped out of bed so fast! This bee was like no ordinary bee, it was one of those huge black ones they have here, they chase people! {different story} So Michelle grabbed the bug spray and I pulled back the curtain and we sprayed it till it died! Then we decided to clean our rooms really good cuz we kinda tore it apart trying to get away from the bee! Ok I guess that's not a very exciting story but it was when it was happening!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random thoughts

{1.} I was sitting in class today and I started thinking how irrelevant this class was to anything I am going to do as a PE teacher or a coach and wondering why it was part of my major classes. No one can stand the class and the test are way to difficult for such a useless class. Then I thought that I guess it can be useful to my life because we all have to do things we don't want to in life and its just best to suck it up and do it. a character builder...right mom.

{2.} I want to wear only dresses and skirts. But the tom boy in me does not want this because I don't want to miss out on all the "fun" stuff I cant do in a dress or skirt. I know dumb, but I thought of a compromise, just wear spandex shorts under so the graceful me can run, jump, and even fall and not be embarrassed.

{3.}I miss the fall weather, yes I love the fall/winter season, its just my time. as Caleb once told me..."Kasey you are a winter girl" I have firmly believed and lived up to these words.

{4.} I miss Snowflake friends, you guys just get me.

p.s. my boyfriend is a stud

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty fly for a white guy

Boy oh boy, song pratice is the highlight of my week. Tonight they decided to move it up a notch and add some excitement to our performance. they decided to have each team stomp, and each teams just flows on to the one before. Of course im on the last team that goes and OF COURSE it has to be the HARDEST one to learn! I am so glad that even though they all laugh at the white kids trying to have some rhythm they still love me! BUT eventually I got the moves and we are good to go!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Go big GREEN

Well it is kind of a big deal at BYUH. All the clubs have songfest. So of course I am in the Tongan Club and we started practices last week. It is alot of fun because the Tongan Club is one of the biggest on campus and one of the best in songfest. I am sorta learning the words hopefully I can remember them by the time it comes around. The club is divided into four groups the red, blue yellow and green team. Bet you cant guess what team I'm on! Somehow we are going to like stand during our parts or dance or something so it will look really cool. I will try to get a video of it when we sing! Thats about all I have been up to since it has been raining everyday!