Friday, January 29, 2010

this is our friend Oak he took some pictures for us on our wedding day... enjoy I am still picking the ones from the photographer... more to come

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Flies

It has been 1 year since this:
Everyone thought I was crazy...11 month engagement, way too long! It was hard, and we had our moments but

You were worth the wait! I love you Suli

Monday, January 25, 2010


We hit our one month mark on the 19! It is just going by so fast, we are having fun and loving the married life! School keeps us really busy and we hardly see each other because our schedules are so different. We gave talks yesterday in church! I was freaked out because it had to be a LONG talk well mine was only seven minutes but still that is three minutes longer than my other talks! Suli loves talking so he had no problem. After church we had a big dinner at our house and a bunch of friends came over and we ate and just talked and had a nice Sunday evening. Besides that nothing new has been going on!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

sink or swim

So it has been super busy in the live of the Kute Kaufusi family. We had quite the eventful New Years....let me just say out here in Hawaii they really know how to party. There were fireworks going off from 6 pm till the next day. Laie was covered in a smoky haze from everyone lighting off fireworks, I thought it was amazing since we always had to do it illegally!
Well as the night went on we went outside to watch the "BIG" show. Some people asked the nightshow boys to do fireknife outside their house at midnight for the whole neighborhood, of course they were excited and couldn't wait to dance. BUT one man decided to jump the gun and start lighting the fireworks before they were done dancing and one of the huge fireworks tipped over and exploded people were running and yelling it was pretty much a mass confusion/stampede. In all of the confusion our good friend Fehi got hit in the EYE!! We went to the ER and sat there till 3 am and turns out he is ok!! thank goodness...lets just say that is a new years we will NEVER forget!
School started WAY to quickly and I am already done with my first week, and I am already swamped and stressed with everything I have to do! I started my O & P at Kahuku Highschool I am teaching PE to the 7-8th graders they are funny and so far so good... When I introduced myself to the class I had the hardest time telling them my name was MRS. KAUFUSI! sounds so strange so when they say my name I look at them so confused. But I am sure I will get the hang of it.
So it is a requirement I take a water safety instruction class for my major, in this class we have to know all the strokes and be able to teach it to someone, and as you all know no one learns how to really swim in Snowflake... I mean we swim but don't know the doggy paddle from the breast stroke. and I have to know all of the strokes and be tested on it Tuesday! So I will be teaching myself how to swim through youtube or Google! Wish me luck!