Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It feels like Christmas!

I know it has been FOREVER since I last posted, and a lot of crazy things have been going on. Just let me tell you I had the week from hell, (can I say hell on here?)

Monday- Rehearsals till 2:30 in the morning, call from suli saying ummm kasey....don't get mad....your longboard got stolen.

Tuesday- Late night rehearsals again

Wednesday-late night rehearsals again till 3 am this time!

Thursday- wanting to go snorkeling so we grab our things and head to the car, car wont start later that night Michelle comes over to jump my car... put the jumper cables on backwards (hey my battery wasn't labeled or color coded!) explosion of the wire, wire melting to my car. But the car starts so we go get ice cream

Friday-go to drive somewhere in the car, completely dead!
Saturday-catching up on sleep because I didn't get any all week!
Sunday- Some lovely girl stole my engagement ring. I bawled tore my room apart looking for it had two friends over to look for it and it is still not found. So yes it was stolen.

Still life must go on, that's what Suli told me after cried for the whole next week. He was so wonderful about the whole thing and didn't even get mad even though I know he was. It breaks my heart because he really doesn't get the whole wedding ring thing and thinks its dumb he doesn't like attention or gifts on his birthday, so weird but he knew that it meant something to me so he got it for me and now its gone.
The next week got a little better. We went shopping for clothes for Suli to wear home to Snowflake! he is a babe! He has been going to the gym everyday faithfully to work on his six pack...haha this boy is crazy when he works out he pushes himself so hard and the results he has gotten are amazing. where there was no six pack before, there is one now. He told me a little secret don't tell ok (he said Kasey, every time I see myself in the mirror i like to check myself out and flex) But that's ok he has worked so hard to get that hot bod! i think he just wants to impress everyone in Snowflake!
The countdown has begun! I am so dang excited to be home tomorrow there is only 15 days until I am on that airplane flying home! We are so excited and all we can talk about is everything we want to do when we get to snowflake! I keep telling suli he has to dance or something, i think it would be fun. He hopefully gets to ride a horse for the first time and meet everyone!!! I am so excited for everyone to meet Suli!!

Oh and Kate, you might have a little challenge with Suli and his love for the shaka sign. I am not exaggerating when i say that over 90% of pictures with him he is doing some sort of thing with his hand! One of the Rice boys asked why he always is doing the "call me" sign in all his pictures!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Plans

Who knew that my dang wedding plans would change so much! It has been so hard because people will always ask me how our plans are and when we are getting married and where, I just smile and say I have no idea. BUT...We do have where now! We are getting married in Kona Temple, on the big island. Not my first choice but it will do, I guess I can always brag and talk about how I got married in Paradise yeah so all you guys can be jealous. (nana nana boo boo)The date we are getting married is still up in the air but I am rooting for December 19th a Saturday, the day after graduation.

Oh and one other thing I have my dress, well its actually Hailey's dress she so kindly is lending to me. It is perfect! Ill put the two pics I took of myself on here so you all can see!