Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Melancholy Feeling

I don't exactly know what it is but for the past month or so I am just not so happy. I can't figure out what it is. Do you want to know what I did during my week long break...???? NOTHING, thats right NOTHING I literally sat on my big booty (I know its big because one of my special ed students pointed to me and said BIG BOOTY!) and watched Law & Order marathon after marathon. I think I showered once and changed my clothes twice. ( don't judge me). And my poor husband was so nice and understanding and did not even complain once. (oh how I love him!). Then today began my solo teaching and you know what can you say BOMB! I don't even know why I plan because nothing ever goes according to plan, but I guess things worked themselves out and I gave a boring not so exciting lesson but I survived. On my ride home for lunch I figured out my melancholy feeling and what was bringing it on. I am graduating school and starting a new life, all I have known for the last 17/18 years of my life is school, and pretty soon that chapter of my life will be over and I am not quite sure how I feel about it , cuz I AM GOOD AT SCHOOL. Will I be good at my job? Will I be a good mom? What am I going to do after school? All these uncertainties have left me uncertain of myself. So here is to growing up and moving on!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Drives

            When I was a kid pretty much every Sunday afternoon my family would head out on Sunday drives. The drives usually started with us going to ED's and getting a Sippie Hoda ( cream soda or grape for me!) and picking a direction to drive. Sometimes we had somewhere to go, like to look at the Pippylongstocking house, to look at the new houses being built on the golf course, or on the back road to Woodruff.But most of the time we just drove with no destination in mind. On these drives we learned to drive stick ,parallel park, and how to drive with our sisters screaming that they are going to die because you are a scary driver ( I think this talent will come in handy when I have screaming children in the back seat.)
             One drive that sticks in my mind is the morning after my dad got his jeep we woke us up in the morning and told us to get in the jeep and we were going for a ride! Lucky us it had rained that night we went mud bogging before church but...we got stuck. But that was a Sunday ride I will never forget.
          Today I wish I was at home going on a Sunday drive with my family