Sunday, August 14, 2011

Leila 1 month

I can't believe Leila is one month old! Time is going by so quickly! She has grown out of so many of her cute clothes and is getting chubbier everyday! She loves her dad even though he teases her and tickles her she still just stares at him and smiles. We love you Leila.

looking out the window is her favorite thing to do

right out of the tub, with her piggy hat on

First time going to church, in a dress that was too small

her dad likes to pull her pants up as high as they can go

this is how I found them after my shower

she is not a quiet baby, she is a screamer!


Sandi said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha I just sat here and cracked up at her granny pants! oh my goodness that is so funny :) LOVE LOVE seeing new pics!

The Webbs said...

she is just darling! one month already, where has the time gone? i agree with sandi, those pants are adorable and crack me up!!

Traci Butler said...

How is she already one month old!? I love all the pics especially the one with her pants hiked up. She is a little dolly Kasey! When are you guys coming to Snowflake again?

Danielle Christene said...

She is so cute! Love to see little girls with their daddys. Sweetest thing ever. Can't believe she is month old already though. So crazy! Time flies when you have little ones :)