Thursday, August 4, 2011


so my last post was super long and for those who don't want to read it I'll sum it up for you
25 hours of labor+3 hours of pushing= not fun!

anyway here are some pictures of what the Kaufusi family has been up to since we have been home!
Leaving the Hospital 
her poor head!
they love each other

Auntie Raegan before she got pooed on

Big Foot

Leila and Grandpa D

Leila and Auntie Tatu

Saying Goodbye

Hawaiian Girl


First Family Picture

First Bath- She LOVED it!

Love her in Yellow

our attempt at a beach picture

Gma- thats what she wants to be called

Getting fat and happy about it

now thats the face I know and love- she is queen of stink eye




Sandi said...

ahhhh i have not time to read this right now so I am glancing at it really quick...can't wait to read it all when I get back..hooray!

Sandi said...

ok...I'm back, love love LOVE this whole post! Our attempt at the beach pic was pathetic ha ha. She looks completely different in the last pics and I love her stink eye!!

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

OHhhhh she is beautiful! im so glad you told the whole story i loved it! im sorry it sounds miserable! what a tough labor and delivery! Congrats you guys! im so proud of you kase! love you guys!

DeWitts said...

She is perfect! Congrats!

gina marie said...

I thought the beach picture was clever! And she looks darling in yellow. Actually, she can pull off any color. Sooo cute. Love the family photos too!

April said...

So beautiful! Love the pics!