Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Stats

Who needs cake when you can have  s'mores for your Birthday?

23 years old
95 facebook birthday wishes
1 email message
12 happy birthday texts
2 phone calls
and 1 almost surprise party

Thanks to my sistah Riley for making me the most adorable skirt and button bracelet, prickley pear jelly, cute napkin purses, yummy carmel apple suckers that they do not sell in Hawaii, What about bob, and a wicked sweet poem!! I'll post pictures of my sweet gifts later.

Gracias to me madre for TOMS shoes. and a gift that has not arrived yet- I am sure it is great! and for another sweet birthday poem (really a birthday poem is all I need, I love them so!)

My first born is twenty three
oh my, how can that be?
May I say you're pretty swell
I like you better than Peeta OR Gale!
I hope your day is perfect and nice
Just like a cookie from Kathy Rice!!

and to Suli for not rolling his eyes when I got myself an iTouch a couple weeks ago and called it my birthday present!

Now on to my almost surprise party.... My dear friends Michelle, Mindy, Kalie, and Ariel threw me a partay! except they don't know the meaning of quiet and so I heard them about a block away so I knew something was up. I knock and the door and I hear screaming, oh how I love my friends! We built a fire in this little grill and made S'mores and planned out adventures we want to have this year. We laughed so hard we cried and thought we were going to get fined for being so loud. While Suli, Palauni (Michelle's) and Rodney (Ariels) were being anti social and watching tv and rolling their eyes every time we giggled. I loved my party and it totally made my day! Thanks  girls