Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well it has been awhile since I have posted. I just want to give a big MAHALO to my dad for his trip out here. He totally is my hero, he fixed my car and my friends car and still managed to have some free time a the beach. I loved having you here and I know you really enjoyed everyones reaction to you " oh you are so young" "are you sure your not a student?" Anyways dad thanks a bunch!

When my dad left I got so sick, I was out for a week! It was miserable and I just wanted to go home! Suli being so nice and caring went and got me flowers and wrote note, it totally made my day better. Thanks babe~! I am getting better now I still have a mean cough!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Since I know how much you love pictures of you I decided to post a few more! Lets just pretend I made that yummy treat for you ok! My mom and her Buddies, she never leaves their sides!
My mom and dad!

The reason I wanted to come to BYUH

Oh cute my mom and dad when they are 12!!! haha jk rock the mullet mom

Its Your Birthday Shout Hooray!

Mother Dear:
its your BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!! I wish you were here so we could go get you a yummy shave ice and go to PCC, your favorite place in the world. I hope you don't mind I stole a few pics from your facebook profile, I just wanted to show everyone how adorable you were in the 80's. You are the reason I wanted to come to school here at BYUH. I always loved looking at your pics and thinking one day I will be there, and look me now! Only one more year till I graduate! Mom you are the best mom ever, last week I got to talk about you in church! That was one talk I wasn't dreading, I think everyone was jealous of you being my mom. Thanks for calling me or texting me everyday you are amazing like that. You are always there for us kids no matter what. You also taught us to be naughty, like sneaking into the BYUH pool, yes I did it too, but I DIDN'T GET CAUGHT! well I sorta did but I didn't get a ticket, my friend just got fired. I cant wait until July when I get to come home and hangout with you, because you know I will be following you around the whole time, I hope you don't mind, I just want to learn to be as cool and funny as you! I just want to say Thanks mom for all you do and I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day. Sorry I didn't call, my voice is gone.
FLIRTING WITH THE GUARD AT PCC, I NEVER GOT THAT SKILL ( remember mom you told me I'm too easy)



BEING NAUGHTY AND SNEAKING INTO THE POOL ( remember you told me when you got caught you felt like the naziz found you, like on sound of music?!)

Monday, May 11, 2009


{RaEGAN} you are my baby sister and you have grown up so quickly! I love you so much. You have always been my little side kick, we are the best at doing nothing and having a blast. Remember that time we just sat in the drive way and threw rocks and talked? (my friends even came to pick me up and I just stayed with you)I love jumping and swimming with you because we make up the coolest tricks that I always talk you into trying first because I am too scared. Remember when I taught you how do do a backhandspring at grandmas house?You are the greatest athlete in the family I'm jealous of your mad skills. I'm also jealous of your perfect shiny dark hair, and Asian eyes. Remember when Nick Farr asked if you were adopted? Raegan you are so beautiful and just plain awesome I hope that I have always been a good example and sister to you! I love you so much and I'm so glad everyone loved your board and I wish I was there with you girls to go have sushi and hang out with just the sisters. I started to cry when you told me you all got to go hang out just you guys. I feel like I'm missing so much! I love you Reggs a babe! I hope you had a great one!