Tuesday, January 27, 2009


haha ok here are some pics.

me finally seeing the people that were taking pics and watching everything

some of the people that came to suprise me

Toa (sulis sister) me and suli!

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's officially official

yes today I Kasey Dawn Ferrell got engaged! I just want to write down all the details so I can remember all the details and to get everyone caught up to date! Yesterday Suli told me it was his little cousins birthday and that the family wanted us to come to the beach and have BBQ. I said that we could between my classes because I had a couple hours. I didn't think much of it... fast forward to 12:30 pm today, Suli calls me and tells me he is in the lounge and we were just going to wait till his cousin called to go to the beach. So we start talking about school and work and just how our day was going. Suli tells me he is really frustrated with school and he emailed his dad and he told his dad that he wanted to come home for a couple semesters, or maybe go to New Zealand to stay with his sister. This totally shocked me and made me sad/mad, and he knows it does because I pretty much give him a lecture of how important school is and how he needs to stay and finish because if he leaves he will never come back...blah blah blah. So we get in the car to go to the beach. this is the beach were we first met! We look around for the party and then Suli gets a phone call, he tells me its his cousin saying they went to go get the kids from school and they were going to be there soon. So Suli leads the way to the beach and we are walking down the beach holding hands and talking about his decision to leave and then Suli starts pointing out places we swam at the beach, where we came and hung out with all his friends, the tree he started talking to me under...etc. We get to the end of the beach and he says, "Kasey, do you remember what we did here?" I was like, "No, Suli, we never did anything here it was probably one of your many girlfriends." I roll my eyes and kind of get more mad. Then he said "Kasey, I know I can't live without you..." me...thinking....oh my gosh is this really happening...Suli gets down on one knee and pulls out a box...me..oh my gosh oh my gosh, why cant I hear what he is even saying?! I cant BELIEVE THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING. I'm bawling by this point and I'm pretty sure I said yes. Then I hear a wave of laughter and screaming and clapping as all of our friends come running to congratulate us! They took tons of pics and then Suli made me go back to my last class! Ill post pics lata! gotta go to work!

hot like a mango?*

My week was quite uneventful, Friday night was the Tongan Club dance. Suli and his friend Will were the DJs. So since Suli was the DJ that gave me permission to sit at the dance! woo my favorite thing to do since I am very uncoordinated on the dance floor and get laughed at, I just missed out on the dancing gene I guess. So I got to be VIP and sit with the DJs in a blocked off part of the dance floor behind some trees it was quite exclusive. I also did some sneaky peeky spying on Michelle and her LOVER boy {Palauni Seumanutafa}yes it is a mouth full so from now on I will refer to him as Paul, or P as I like to call him.(and he hates it so I will probably do it to bug him) They are super duper cute together! after the dance I promised Michelle we could go to Jack in the Box so we jumped in the car and went, we had a fun time just laughing and listening to music the whole time.

{Suli cares} is what i would like to entitle this little rambling of mine, I was just thinking of how silly he is sometimes because last night he leans over to me so serious and was like, "Kasey, lets wear matching clothes tomorrow." I started laughing and didn't take him serious, well he was and here I am wearing my white shirt and dark jeans to show him I care.
This pic is of Suli when we first started dating he wanted to impress me and climbed the TALLEST coconut tree on campus!!
2. He gave me his laundry card on Saturday without me even asking to borrow it, and guess what he even put money on it!
3. he gave me a king size snickers bar yesterday, but then made me give it to his cousin, cuz he thought he wanted it more.
4. he is concerned about my health... suli:"Kasey, please don't wear those thong things" me: "why not?" suli: "because they just look so...so unhealthy."
5. he cooked for me last night, chicken and rice! so good
6. he tries to teach me tongan
7. he tries to teach me how to dance, and not laugh too hard at me when i look like a nerd
8. He always asks me why I'm right all the time
9. he rubs my feet when they are cold in the movie theater
10. * he tells me i look hot like a mango haha what does that even mean

Monday, January 19, 2009

I <3 the office

Well I have to write a paper for one of my dang classes that I hate and cant stand the teacher. It has to be about our philosophy as a teacher/coach or whatever we are going to be. I have had to write this paper 3 times for her in previous classes and she gets mad if you turn in the same one, I don't know why because shouldn't our philosophy stay pretty much the same? but I was watching the office and it was like inspiration hit Michael talked about his philosophy so I think I could quote him in my paper what do you think?

"My, philosophy is, basically this. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don't, ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who or who you are with, or or where you are going, or, or where you've been. Ever. For any reason. Whatsoever"
-Michael Scott

Sunday, January 18, 2009

new year new calling

Yes it's true I got a new calling in my ward. Anyone want to guess what I am....Relief Society Greeter. When the Bishop asked me I got this huge grin on my face and started to laugh, then I was like "of course, you know bish I have wanted that calling since I have been here!" I think I got called to it because I am the last one there every week, because we have relief society first, plus I'm not that friendly of a girl. This calling should help me be nicer to people especially girls and not give them dirty looks that I am guilty of giving.
On another note, my break was just too short and school started way too soon for me! I had a fun time during the break even though I completely bugged my mom about it being boring. I was so glad to see my family and a few friends. I was so happy to dress in warm clothes and see some snow! I got back a day before school started and man I have been going crazy ever since. I have a seven o'clock class! (I also hear its the hardest class to pass! he only usually gives one A). I go to class and soon as I get out its like I completely forget what was even said! But other than that I am loving my classes, you really start to get to know everyone because we are all in the same major now and everyone helps everyone out.
This week was my friend Michelle's birthday, and the only thing she wanted was to be set up on three blind dates. If anyone goes to school out here at good ol BYUH they know that no one wants to go out on dates here!! So I got some help from Suli to find an awesome guy to take her out on her birthday. Suli actually pulled through and got the perfect guy! lets just say they hit it off and have been talking and seeing each other ever since!!
Other than that my life is the same school, work, and trying to have a little fun!