Thursday, April 23, 2009

A car with no name

This is a picture of my car of what it probably looked like back in its prime. But now it just seems to be falling apart round me. First day I had it I took it to the car wash the antenna broke. Then my front tires went out. Then my back. Then the ac broke. Then the ceiling leaked when it rained because its rusted so I fixed it with some glue stuff. Then the gas flappy thing fell off. My brakes squeak like no tomorrow and the defrost doesnt work! And now its over heating...but I figured out the solution to that one the blankety blanks at Firestone didn't even check my coolant or anything when I left it for a week and told them to look at EVERYTHING, and fix it. Ya they are pretty much at the bottom of my list of people to like. So tomorrow I will put my own coolant in the car and probably fix my brakes haha jk on that part! Oh and now since the lovely rain we have been getting my roof is leaking more and more, so now my car smells and is wet and I'm sure going to cave in anyday.But for now I will dream of a day when I can do this to my car! HURRY UP DAD I NEED YOU HERE!
* now dont get me wrong I love my car! I think it is awesome when it is working, and has led me on many great adventures and memories, I just wish they could last forever. But I think its time my car got taken to big junkyard in the sky.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy birthday Misti!

It is your {22} birthday! can you believe it? you are getting so old! haha jk. You are such an amazing person, you are my hero you are a superstar basketball player (click here for story),
plus you are probably one of the funnest and funniest people I know. I remember when we were younger and I would always want to go swimming because it was the one thing I was better at than you. And how you only became my friend because I was smart, or was it because I was the coolest most beautiful girl in all of 4th grade, wait that was Chelsea. I am so glad I am your friend and was able to get you through school, and to teach you how to wash your feet!

Monday, April 20, 2009


{Glorious} it was the word of the day last Thursday. Me and my friend Kalie, (who I also happen to work with) decided we needed a little break from our 40 hour week. We decided to take a trip to get acai bowl(delicious purple mess with mango on top of course!)-Now I have eaten acai bowls the whole three years I have been here and this one was the BEST I had ever eaten, it was {Glorious}
After our tummies were full we decided to work on our {Glorious tans we got going on} we went to Waimea (yes mom I am name dropping to make you jealous) It was a surprisingly sunny day, we were so glad because it had been rainy and not fun for pretty much a month. The waves were too big to swim but they were fun to watch.
After of getting our fill of the {Glorious} surf, sand, and sun we drove back to Laie, but.... on our way back we saw a {Glorious} exotic fruits stand haha. We had to stop. So we got mango, pineapple, and sugar cane. and man was that exotic fruits {Glorious}.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday DAD!!

Today is my Dads Birthday! I just want to wish him a Happy Birthday. My dad is awesome he is probably the coolest dad I know. All the boys growing up would come over just to listen to my dad tell stories of his younger days, and to get ideas of destructive things to do! He always had our back when we would go do something, like when he called us to go and park the car because the cops came to the house looking for us. He sometimes would be the one to drive us around and light off fireworks..He is the one that taught me the art of toilet papering, and pranks My dad is amazing because he can still do a back flip on the ground and he is {44} today! Well dad I hope you had a great day today and got to take a break from all the hard work that you do for us! I LOVE YA